Thank You Ladies, from the Bottom of My (uurrrrp) Heart

BeerIt turns out that all us beer lovers have women to thank.  While the frosty beverage is now considered more the domain of men, back in days of yore, it was quite the opposite.  For thousands of years women were the sole brewers of beer as it was considered a food and thus fell under their purview.  It’s only been over the last 200 years (and more specifically, since the advent of pick-up trucks and football) that beer has been the dominion of men.

In almost all ancient societies, beer was given to mankind by a goddess.  In ancient Sumeria, women with the skill to craft beer were revered and held in the highest social regard.  In Viking society, only women were allowed to brew beer, and the equipment passed with them from mother to daughter.

So any way you look at it, every time you pop-a-top or crack-a-can or tap-a-keg, you should give thanks to women.  Obviously not all of them as that would make having a beer way too time consuming.  Maybe to keep things practical, just that the one who’s closest.  And be extra sincere if she’s the one who brought it to you.  If she brewed it herself?  Marry her.

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