The Anti-Decider

In stark contrast to Bush’s leadership role as “The Decider”, the embattled, maybe soon to be former, and intermittently guilty Senator Larry Craig has now announced that maybe he shouldn’t have decided to resign either. Does this man understand the concept of a decision? Sure, maybe he was pushed to plead guilty to the sex sting. Maybe he was pushed to resign by his colleagues who wanted a little political cover and distance. But in both cases, the man rolled over and decided to accept those respective fates. Only to apparently find out later (presumably when yet other external forces acted on him) that there were options unexplored and he’d like to take a mulligan.

This man is a U.S. Senator. He is (allegedly) one of the top leaders in the country. That should imply some ability to comprehend the nuances and implications of the decision making process. That’s what leaders do, they decide, and they live with the implications of their decisions.

The question at this point is not whether he committed a crime in an airport bathroom. The question is, do his actions and behaviors demonstrate the skills and competencies of a Senator? I would content they do not. Should he have to resign? No. But at this point he is an embarrassment to Congress, to the state of Idaho, and I would assume to his wife. Maybe he should be thinking about all those people and institutions he swore to represent, and do the right thing for them, not the right thing for Larry Craig.

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