Medical Adventure

Blogging has been very light for the last couple weeks as I’ve been undergoing a planned medical adventure to remove a brain tumor. The good news is that I’m out of the woods. Things look very positive and I’m healing nicely. It’s good to be back online.

A couple people have asked if I will blog the experience, and the answer is, sort of. This is a pretty rare condition, and in going through this I found that other patient’s web based stories of their experiences were helpful to me. In an effort to pay that favor forward, I do have an online journal which chronicles the journey from diagnosis and discovery up to today. It’s written more for that audience, but aspects of it will be very familiar to my regular readers. Feel free to check that out here.

One thought on “Medical Adventure

  1. You are gonna have one scorchin’ cool scar. I heard it in a movie once – “Chick’s dig scars”

    All kidding aside we were glad to hear that all went well.

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