Amazing Race Speculation

Amazing RaceTonight is Episode 4 of this year’s Amazing Race.  The trailer shows they will be headed to the Arctic for this week’s adventure, which prompted some dinner table speculation this afternoon about what might be in store for the nine teams remaining.

As it’s the Arctic, it seems only fitting the episode run a Sarah Palin themed day.  We think it might (or at least it should) go something like this.

After arriving at a remote outpost, teams will have to drive a snow machine 7 miles to a hunting camp, where they will be given their next clue.  The clue is a Detour called “Moose or Squirrel”.  In it, teams must choose one of the two challenges.

In “Moose”, teams must locate one of the recently shot moose in the surrounding woods and properly field dress the carcass.  Once the moose is dressed to the huntsman’s satisfaction, he will give them their next clue.  Teams that aren’t squeamish can cut through this task quickly.

In “Squirrel”, one team member must play the TV reporter and the other will play the politician.  The reporter must ask pointed topical questions while the politician must squirrel out from giving answers of any substance while incorporating the word freedom, constitution, or mama grizzly into the response.  Once three questions and answers have been recorded, teams must hand the video to the Producer, who will given them their next clue.  Teams with lots of hot air can float through this task with ease.

Next, teams will encounter a Roadblock, which is a task that must be performed by only one member of the team.  In this Roadblock, teams must choose a pilot who will fly them over the tundra where we have placed nine wolf shaped targets.  Teams must tag an unmarked target with their paintball rifle while the pilot flies by.   Once they have shot a wolf, the pilot will give them their next clue, which contains instructions to the Pitstop for this leg of the race.

As you will recall, last week’s last place finishers, father and son team Michael and Kevin, found out this leg of the race is a non-elimination race.  Meaning this team will encounter a “Speed Bump”, a task only this team needs to perform, somewhere during this leg.  In the Speed Bump, Michael and Kevin must search a house looking for the proper window from which they can see Russia.  Once they’ve spotted Russia, they may proceed with the rest of the leg.

Also new this year, and being introduced tonight, is the “Secret Fast Forward”.   A Fast Forward is normally a task where the first team complete it may proceed directly to the Pitstop without completing the remaining tasks.  A Secret Fast Forward is like a normal Fast Forward except that teams are not informed ahead of time what the Fast Forward is.  Rather, they must realize, based on the theme, how to complete the Fast Forward.

In the Secret Fast Forward, the first team to complete half the tasks, and then simply declare they are quitting to pursue other legs of the Amazing Race may proceed directly to the Pitstop.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for 8:00 to get here…