6 thoughts on “9/11 – A day to remember…

  1. A crime was committed. But it was never investigated as a crime. Even the authors of the 9-11 report admit that it was a sham, a coverup, succinctly, a coup, that has never been fully and honestly investigated. Unfortunately, anyone who believes as I do, are flagged as “conspiracy theorist.”

  2. meaning we flew our own planes into the buildings? for what reason? I saw a thing someone posted that was on cspan about an architect that said it was probably a controlled demolition. I can’t for the life of me figure out why we’d do that to ourselves.

  3. Kim, How’s unlimited wealth and power sound as a reason? The profits that Halliburton, reaped (Dick Cheney’s company) BILLIONS! “no bid contracts,” Billions in cash, that disappeared. And a perpetual state of war to further those profits! I think that it was planned, and executed to perfection, including the coverup plan of calling “conspiracy theorist” to anyone who questioned the crime!

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