May I have that aspirin between your knees?

Bayer Aspirin
Use as directed (by doddering old men)

The overreaction by the left is giving me a headache. Sure, Foster Friess made a stupid remark when he said,

“This contraception thing, my gosh, it’s so inexpensive. You know, back in my days, they’d use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”

He says it was a joke, and I believe him.  Apparently I’m the only one who remembers hearing this joke some 40 years ago.  It was a play off of what was then a new form of birth control called “the pill”.  People would joke back then that the only way the pill would be 100% effective is if you held it between your knees.  And I remember hearing the aspirin variant as well.

This certainly doesn’t excuse the reality that this was not the time or the venue to make such a lighthearted remark.  So, Friess rightly gets a dope slap for that.  But MS-NBC, the Huffington Post, and other liberal leaning outlets have been beating the poor guy to death over this.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support contraceptives being included in everyone’s health coverage.  I live in one many states that already have such rules in place.  It’s sheer lunacy that we have national politicians arguing that contraceptives are harmful to women or that anyone can opt out of providing any form of health coverage as long as they site their moral conviction as the reason.

Further, Friess is the single key monetary backer of Rick Santorum’s Super-Pac, which already calls his sanity into question.  And if you watch his post-remark explanation from last night, he seems more than a little bewildered, not only about why he’s on TV, but also about the positions of the candidate he supports.  It’s not clear he’s firing on all cylinders, but he has a big-ass checkbook and a Supreme Court ruling that says he can use it—which is a whole different messed up thing.

However, at its core Friess was simply advocating for abstinence.  After all, that’s the point of the aspirin between the knees, right?.  Keep your legs closed ladies.  Because everyone (who’s never had much sex) knows that you can’t have sex if your knees are touching.

All these same reporters and pundits who are apoplectic over Friess’ remark, are the same folks who for decades have listened with a straight face as politicians and advocacy groups pushed abstinence based programs in this country.  Despite mountains of evidence that abstinence is a failed strategy, it still gets the courtesy of consideration from news media on the left and the right alike.

Why go off the rails now, and against a 72-year old man who has a cute way of saying he thinks we should be teaching abstinence instead of providing contraception?  Sure, that’s a dumb idea.  But it’s been a dumb idea for a long long time.  It’s a little late to get your shocked face out now.

The left often (and properly IMHO) chastises right-wing media for blowing small issues out of proportion.  For taking a minor incident and playing it and replaying it until it becomes a thing.  But in this case, the left is guilty of the same behavior.  Lead by example. There is a big story here on women’s health and healthcare in general.  Foster Friess is not the story.  Cut the old guy some slack.

2 thoughts on “May I have that aspirin between your knees?

  1. I don’t necessarily believe that that he and his wife folloewd the aspirin method of bc.And I’m deeply insulted that he makes light of something not light, not light at all. I don’t like being patronized and dismissed. BC helps prevent abortions for cryin’ out loud. That is not a light hearted debate. Sorry Tim, don’t agree on this one.

  2. Yeah, I’m apparently alone on this one. I just think we’re making this guy the poster child, and he’s the wrong target. He was played incessantly on MS-NBC, which is the network he originally said this on. I think that’s engaging in FOX News like behavior of turning a minor incident into a meme, and I don’t think it helps the left to go there.

    Not that the issue is minor, but the Friess thing is. I absolutely think there’s every reason to be outraged by the behavior of the GOP on this. I think it’s an affront to women. I think the people railing against contraception are massive hypocrites. I even think that Friess’ comment was insulting to women and was in poor taste. But it was a blip made by a guy who’s not used to being on TV.

    I’m not remotely asking that the media let up on the issue, but I do think it damages the credibility of the left-wing media to sensationalize the Friess incident. There is a very important story here, but he’s not it.

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