Steve Jobs Gives Dope-Slap from Beyond

The Westboro Baptist church, which has a rich history of inappropriate and distasteful demonstrations at funerals, has announced that it will be making an appearance at Steve Jobs’ memorial service.  It seems the group found him insufficiently grateful to God in life, and a teacher of sin through his technical gadgetry.

The message was posted to Twitter… from an iPhone.

Westboro's Ironic Message

I’m pretty sure Jobs would have found the irony hysterical.  His legacy has become so interwoven into the fabric of society that even those professing to hate him can’t escape it.

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.  You are truly one of history’s most talented geeks, and the tech world is less today without you.

One thought on “Steve Jobs Gives Dope-Slap from Beyond

  1. These people just disgust me. They wouldn’t know gods real work if it slapped them in the face… And it should.

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