Old but ambitious

Man in WalkerI want to have this much spunk when I reach the golden years.  Recently, the Prince George Bank of Nova Scotia was robbed by a 75-year old man.  After securing a small amount of cash from a teller, the man made his getaway.

As reported to police, the suspect “was described as a Caucasian male weighing about 230 pounds. He was wearing a straw hat, white T-shirt, grey jogging pants and dark glasses — and he was using a walker that many rely on for mobility.”

Amazingly, the laid back Canadian Mounties took 45 minutes to capture the man, who had failed to yet make it out of the strip mall in which the bank was located.  Apparently they heard the call come in and finished their donut and coffee before walking from Tim Hortons to the other side of the lot where ther man was toddling along.

They say seniors should stay active…

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