My Son’s Immortal

unmade bedI thought he was just a slob, but apparently my son Doug has exceptional instincts about his health.  A Kingston University study discovered that leaving your bed in a heap of sheets and blankets may actually lead to fewer bed bugs, and a healthier sleeper.

It seems the dust mites don’t fare well in dry environments, and leaving your bed open serves to let more of the moisture it accumulates off your body during the night into the room.  Drier mattresses mean fewer critters.  And fewer critters mean fewer allergies and other mite related health issues.

The study also notes that if there’s a lot of humidity in your home, that it won’t really matter.  Living in this area, I think that means that while junior may get a pass on bed making during the winter, there’s no reason the bunk shouldn’t be crisp and neat through the sultry summer months.

Yeah right… like that’s gonna happen.

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