HippoDo you have an eye for social injustice?  Will you be in the Aspen area anytime soon?  If so, you can sit on a hippo and be part of art.

No, I don’t get it either.  But some so-called artists have constructed a hippo from straw and mud.  They are looking for volunteers to sit atop the beast and read the newspaper.  Every time you spot something in the news that strikes you as a social injustice, you are to let loose with a short blast on your whistle.

You are free to sign up for an hour for for a full day, or for every Monday until the ephemeral Hope Hippo melts back into the Earth from which it was created.  They say they provide you a whistle, but no word on whether or not they provide newspapers.

It seems they borrowed this obviously inspired idea to call attention to your intolerance for injustice.  Italy sported the first hippo back in 2005, and the Aspen Art Museum, fresh out of any good ideas, said, “What the hell?”

I guess this means you should feel free to build your own Hope Hippo.  Personally, that seems like a lot of work.  But I may spring for a new whistle and take to blowing it randomly while I read the paper on the deck.

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