Angling for Trouble

A high school teacher has been suspended in Alabama for using the assassination of President Obama as a math problem.  It seems Geometry teacher Gregory Harrison of Corner High School in Jefferson Country needed some example of using angles and lines to keep his students engaged in the subject.  So he decided to create a scenario where students had to find optimal sniper positions for shooting the President.  And not just generically “the President”, as in suppose you were John Wilkes Booth or Charlie Guiteau, but let’s all pretend to shoot Obama.  Won’t that be fun?

It’s hard to see what could go wrong here.  Although when the Secret Service interrogated Mr. Harrison, they did their doggone best to ‘splain it to him.  The Secret Service did ultimately find that Harrison was not a credible threat, although they presumably at least branded him a colossal twit.  The school district was also not amused and further disciplinary action is still pending.

Fortunately, the teacher wasn’t talking about shooting Rush Limbaugh, or by now there would be a bill being introduced in Congress to require a license to carry a math degree.

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