Pig Prom

Bacon TuxIt’s prom season, and I think it’s high time guys took back control of their wardrobe from the girls.  Since the early cave proms of 122,032 BC women have dictated what the guys must wear so that it complements their dress choice.

I found the most beautiful deerskin halter.  So that means you need otter-pelt pants and a combed yak’s wool jacket… Buffalo!!  No you can’t wear buffalo.  What could you possibly be thinking. [rolls eyes, struts off cave-left]

So for all you guys out there brave enough to stand up for yourself (and have this be your last prom, and maybe your last date), I present the manly must-wear fashion statement for the 2010 prom season:  The bacon scented bacon print tuxedo.

They are available for order now, and are guaranteed to make it an evening that neither of you will ever live down forget.  So put some sizzle in your prom.  Be phat in the fat.  Baconize your baby’s eyes.  You know you wanna.

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