Keeping Cancer in the Dark

SwitchThere are times it seems when scientists mostly seem to prove that they’ve run out of interesting things to study.  Which is amazing when you think about it because television and comic books have been promising me interstellar space travel, x-ray glasses, and six-pack abs in 3 minutes a day for decades now, and that stuff remains undone.

But don’t worry about that.  Worry about whether or not you turn on the light at night when you get up to pee.  Professor Charalambos Kyriacou (no, I don’t think the human tongue is capable of pronouncing that either) somehow convinced a bunch of mice to turn the light on at night while others peed in the dark.  The result?  Higher cancer rates for mice that can’t tell whether or not the lid is up or down without flipping the switch first.

I suppose the upside is that I always peed in the dark just because the light hurt my eyes and then made it harder to get back to sleep.  Now I know I’m being health conscious.  Assuming of course that the asbestos, the red meat, and the second hand smoke don’t catch up to me on my way to the bathroom.

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