You’re Not Helping

BibleA group called Atheist Agenda at the University of Texas San Antonio has resurrected a program they are calling “Smut for Smut”.  The trade-in program encourages students to hand in a bible in return for pornography.  Vintage PinupNot surprisingly, Christian groups on campus are outraged.  Police and University officials say the students have a right to conduct the swap.

I often advocate for people to speak out when their own side goes off the rails.  If the Democrats are out of line, it’s easy and expected for the GOP to call them on it, but it carries much more weight if the offender’s own party cries foul.  Similarly, I’ve called for Christians and Muslims to advocate against ridiculous behavior from within their own camps.  It’s my turn to walk that talk.

While I firmly hold that the “Smut for Smut” program is legal, it’s minimally in poor taste.  It’s not only offensive to Christians, but as an atheist I find it offensive myself.  Moreover, it’s not helping.  As a minority struggling for tolerance and acceptance, it doesn’t further the cause to disrespect the majority to whom you’re trying to appeal. Further, atheists already suffer from preconceived stereotypes of being amoral hedonists.  Associating us with porn really doesn’t do much to dissuade people from that mindset.

There is no greater good to be achieved here.  This is a publicity stunt, pure and simple.  And no, any publicity is not good publicity.  To the members of the ironically named Atheist Agenda at UTSA, cut it out.  Your parents’ are ashamed of you, and so am I.

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