ACORN Not Nuts

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has found that there was no criminal wrongdoing in the ACORN Hooker Tax Advice Scandal.

Conservative media darlings James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles made and posed in the videos allegedly showing how ACORN was advising them in ways to hide money from the IRS as a hooker and her pimp.  This was quite the salacious news story blanketing the news media at the end of this summer.  It fueled paranoia that somehow ACORN was this malevolent shadow force for liberal America.

It turns out that O’Keefe and Giles are also adept at editing video.  The DA determined that the unedited tapes he reviewed were not nearly so clear cut in terms of ACORN giving illegal advice.  Granted, he didn’t go so far as to say ACORN did a great job.  But no charges are forthcoming.

Curiously, but not surprisingly, this development is not front page news.  The media was essentially duped into their feeding frenzy over this story, and it’s highly unlikely we’ll see any of them issue a mea culpa for their erroneous coverage.  It’s also interesting to note that not even Fox News is outraged over the DA’s decision.  No one seems to be trying to portray this decision as a cover-up or other scandal in its own right.  That rather tells me that everyone realizes they were pwned by these two wanna-be celebrities, and would rather we all just moved on to the next bit of juicy gossip they want to sell as news.

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