I Don’t Love My Mom

I thought I loved her, but all things being relative, it turns out I’m not even close. Brothers Wang Kai and Wang Rui have just set the damned bar a bit too high.  They’ve been ferrying their mother around China in a custom made hand drawn cart.  It seems she’s always wanted to travel, but gets dreadfully car sick.  So they built the 3-bed carriage cum travel trailer and have pushed and pulled their mom over 4500 km this year.  They average about 40 km/day on foot while Mom takes in the scenery from the carriage window.  They took her on a similar excursion in 2007.  And are somehow planning to get the rig to Taiwan to explore there as well.  Given their track record, I expect they’ll just outfit the thing with pontoons and swim her over.

Mom in Carriage

Sorry Mom.  This is a level of filial piety I just can’t muster.  You’ll have to settle for free tech support.

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