Of Football and Efficiency

The Wall Street Journal recently studied broadcast football (ostensibly because the economy is just too complicated) and came away with the staggering statistic that the average 2 hour and 54 minute game on TV contains just 11 minutes of actual football playing. This blistering level of excitement is bracketed by 17 minutes of replays, 3 seconds of cheerleaders, and about an hour of beer and truck commercials.

The bad news for weekend couch potatoes is that capturing the games on DVR should allow them to watch a full slate of Sunday football coverage in about an hour. This leaves ample time to pay attention to your kids and work on the Honey-do list, while alloting scant time to guzzle beer and munch chips.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be cool if we could achieve those levels of efficiency elsewhere? What if other things you did only required you to put in 6.3% of the time allocated? I could mow my lawn in just under 4 minutes. The workday could be knocked off in just over half an hour. You could even get a Bachelor’s Degree in about 3 months. Of course sex would only last 28 seconds, so I suppose there’s a downside to all the efficiency as well…

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