Got NRG?

If those sedentary New Year’s Eves sitting on your couch with a plate of nachos just aren’t cutting it anymore… If you just feel the need to show off those new athletic skills you’ve honed watching all the Jenny Craig commercials… If you’re feeling the need to bond with Al Gore… then hop in your Prius and drive to Times Square.

Once there, courtesy of Duracell, you can hop on a Power Rover and help power the famous ball. These are basically big stationary bikes located around the area. They will store up the collective pedal power pumped into them through out the evening and light up the big ball for its classic drop to hearken the new year.

I sure hope there’s backup power, otherwise I fear we’ll only get the collective effort of a handful of drunk revelers, resulting in a barely glowing orb, flickering in and out of life as it descends. Come to think of it, that may be an accurate, albeit majorly depressing, harbinger of the year to come.

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