With Liberty and Broadband for All

Spain has just joined the ranks of Finland in recognizing that broadband Internet access is no longer a luxury, but rather a basic necessity. Actually, Spain has declared it a basic legal right, which may be taking it a bit too far. But it would be great if this country would acknowledge that broadband access is at least on par with electricity and telephone service.

In the US, we subsidize electricity and phone service delivery to parts of the country where commercially such a service offering would not be feasible. We regulate those industries to be sure that access to quality service is affordable and reliable. It high time we step up and acknowledge that broadband access belongs in that club. And while we’re inducting new members, why not put cellular/wireless service in the club as well? Given the broadband-like speeds of the new 4G networks, wireless tech is soon to be a viable alternative to cable or DSL service.

It’s time to wake up and smell the broadband.

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