What the Hell Are They Growing in the Garden State?

Public Policy Polling ran a survey in the state of New Jersey. They appear to be a reputable polling organization, so it’s a bit difficult to explain the following data (PDF).

There is a fair amount of political extremism among New Jersey voters, as there is
everywhere right now. 21% of voters in the state don’t think Barack Obama is a natural
born US citizen and 19% believe George W. Bush had advance knowledge of 9/11. 8%
of voters go so far as to say they think Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Seriously? Birthers, and truthers, and nutters, oh my! Not only do 1 in 12 think he’s the Anti-Christ, but an additional 13% said they weren’t sure!

PPP says they are taking this poll national to see if they get similar results. I’m frankly a little afraid. New Jersey tends to lean to the blue, how will Texas poll? I’m forced to think that something must be amiss with the data or the survey. This can’t be right, can it?

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