Bachmann Loony Overdrive

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann [R – You Nuts?] is just a pair of tri-colored pointy boots from being the House jester. She’s always a bit out there, but has now maybe stretched reality farther than even Glenn Beck could muster.

During the campaign, Obama made the statement, “Americans can’t think that they can drive SUVs, set their thermostats at 72 degrees, or eat as much as food as they want, and think the rest the world will be okay with that.” The context was a discussion about global warming and the reality that the rest of the world was not going to sit idly by while we continue to consume a disproportionate share of the world’s resources.

However, Bachmann sees this as a literal policy plan. On the House floor earlier this week she asserted that Obama was preventing General Motors from making SUVs and is forcing them to build cars he wants them to build. She goes on to say that he plans to nationalize energy which will drive up costs such that we will all freeze in 55 degree homes. And then nails the trifecta by worrying that Obama will regulate how many calories you are allowed to eat.

Where’s Joe Wilson when you really need him?

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