These Things Make Phone Calls Too?

Imagine that you are a 12-year old girl. You and your BFF are out strolling the neighborhood late one evening and inexplicably decide that you should wander into a storm drain tunnel. (Yes, this sounds like the set-up for a slasher movie, but the girls would need to be 18 then and find some reason to frolic naked in the sewer first. None of that happened.) However, you begin to realize that you are lost in the “maze of twisty little passages, all alike.” (And if you get that reference, you are truly an old geek.) Good for you, your trusty cell phone is with you. (Hell, you’re a 12-year old girl. It’s always with you.)

Now for the test. Do you:

  1. Call your dad
  2. Call 911
  3. Go to Google Maps and use your GPS position to find your way home
  4. Update your Facebook status saying you are lost.

If you picked #4, then you are indeed a 12-year old girl. Fortunately for the actual girls involved, one of their young friends had the good sense to call the Fire Department to go rescue them. Although I’m sure several others were busy trying to “friend” the fire department on MySpace or Tweet about their friends’ misfortune.

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