Talk About Yer Two-fers

It’s damned rare when a doctor can give you a good-news/good-news diagnosis, but that time may be coming. Scientists have figured out how to turn your fat into stem cells that could potentially be used to grow new tissue or organs for you.

Imagine a future where the doctor says, “We can generate a new liver for you, but we’ll need to suck some of that fat out of your middle to get the job done.” Talk about your win-wins.

The understatement award goes to Stanford University plastic surgeon Michael Longaker who stated that human fat is “an abundant natural resource and a renewable one.” Hell, this could be the one resource where America could be the undisputed primary supplier to the whole world. It could give a whole new meaning to fat farms.

“Please Mrs. Miller, just try to squeeze in a few more scoops of Haagen-Dazs. We have a major order to fill and you are under quota this week.”

It would be a dirty job… but someone would have to step up.

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