One o’ the crew has brought to me attention the fact that t’morrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I’m a wee off me game by not smackin’ ye in the face with it and such. But the cap’n’s ne’er wrong, so ye can bet ol’ Chuck’ll be walking the plank fer his insubordination. Let this be a lesson fer ye all. If’n yer gonna go agin’ the cap’n, ye best be sporting a big mug o’rum or at least be handy with yer cutlass.

Be that as it may, ye best be on yer game tomorrow. It’s a special year and all, as our day falls on a Saturday this year. So you’ll be havin’ little choice other than to squeeze yer wench and hoist a little grog.

Ayeeeee… it’ll be day t’ remember. Orrrrr… at least a day those about ye will ne’er forget. Do us proud m’lads. Do us proud.

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