Phone Envy

Kim finally took the plunge. She stepped up and bought the iPhone. She’s been agonizing as she really needed a new iPod and it seemed to make sense to combine them, but she couldn’t quite get herself over the “needing a data plan” hurdle. After all, she’s owned a Treo for a couple of years without a data plan, which was arguably like buying a pedal powered car, but it worked for her. But she held her breath and jumped.

The good news is that she seems to like it, and is quickly getting addicted to having the web and email and Facebook all in her purse. The bad news is that now she has a way better phone than me. That’s just not gonna do.

I’ve been eying up the new Palm Pre. Based on the info leaked so far, it looks like if I have one I can at least claim equivalence to the iPhone. But it’s not clear it gives me bragging rights over the iPhone. Although I suppose I can always laud my ability to cut & paste over Kim. The Pre comes out this weekend, and I’m not big on being on the bleeding edge of things. I would normally wait a few months to see if it lives up to the hype. But Kim’s laid the gauntlet down now, so I may have to hold my breath and take my own plunge. Then again, they are already expecting shortages, so I may not even be able to get my hands on one.

3 thoughts on “Phone Envy

  1. When the 3.0 OS comes out for the iPhone, what will you have over her?
    That does have copy and paste (finally!)

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