Archie Channels Trace

Good old Archie Andrews has been waffling on the whole Betty vs. Veronica thing since Jughead was eating Gerber baby burgers. In fact, “Betty or Veronica” has become almost as compelling a question as “Ginger or Mary Ann.” And in either case, the question was supposed to be unanswerable, at least in general. We all had our preferences of course.

But it seems Archie has gone and made a choice. Come September, newsstands will carry the Archie wedding issue where he marries… wait for it… Veronica. What?!?! What is he thinking? Don’t do it man!! Betty’s the choice. You’ll always regret the blonde not taken. On the plus side, Reginald has got to be really steamed.

The only rationale I can think of for this is that in these tough economic times Archie is taking counsel from Trace Adkins and marrying for money.

Riverdale just won’t be the same, and my world is a little shaken too.

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