Mythbusting: The Big Bang

Bet you thought this was gonna be another post on Creationism, dintja? PSYCH!

The folks in Yolo County, California felt the wrath of Jamie and Adam, when filming for an upcoming episode of Mythbusters got a little carried away. The once great show has taken to ever increasing gratuitous explosions as a weekly staple. Apparently this week, they got a little carried away.

The ammonium nitrate explosion literally shook the whole town and shattered several windows. Residents were shocked as no one had warned them the explosion was going to take place. In retrospect, that probably was a good thing as if a notice had gone out then there would have been a crowd at the blast site and someone would have gotten hurt.

Maybe this is an opportunity for the show to reassess itself. I used to like it a lot more when it was an entertaining science show as opposed to a show where the quest for science is used mostly as an excuse to blow stuff up. Nonetheless, my son Doug prefers it this way, so I guess however it goes, one of us is happy.

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