Who’s Your Political Soulmate?

ABC News has put up a quiz to see which candidate better aligns with you. (Thanks to Mom for sending it in.) It’s kind of interesting. They have specifically chosen quotes from each candidate that are not in stark contrast. The result is that the choices are far from obvious. I suspect that if you’re not a political news junkie you’ll be hard pressed to identify the speaker from the quote. Also, there’s the spin interpretation that’s hard to figure out when these texts are taken out of context. For example, it means different things when one talks about “middle class tax cuts” than when the other does. You can’t really translate the code if you don’t know which cipher to use.

In my case, the choice was still blindingly clear. I’m curious though, for people who maybe aren’t addicted to news, were your results surprising?? Feel free to share your results and impressions in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Political Soulmate?

  1. Well, my results were very clear cut too. Based on this, I’m overwhelmingly on one side (11-2). And even though I was a “news junkie” until I completely made up my mind and investigated everything to my satisfaction, it was good to get validation that I was interpreting what I was hearing, the way I should have been. Now that I have made up my mind though, I don’t have to watch much more than the debates now. No 24 hour coverage to hear the latest things. And yes, my kids are very happy about that (:-)



  2. My results were not as clear cut as the preceding comment, but clear enough. Also,I read something this week that sums up my feelings on this election to date.
    “For eight years we’ve suffered a maverick president and a pit-bull vice president. Never again!”

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