Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues

It’s almost time for school to start. Let the fundraisers begin.

The boys volleyball team held a car wash today. Let that percolate in your brain for a bit. Conjure up images of energetic teens playfully soaping and rinsing cars while soaking each other with hoses. Enjoy that image. Then file it away with the rest of your unrealized fantasies.

This was a group of listless boys who clearly would have rather been anywhere but a parking lot being subjected to forced manual labor. The two boys up the road in charge of marketing were completely prone on the grass where they would limply raise from their chest a sign hawking the car wash. You parked your car and got out while a dozen boys drizzled water on your car, then lazily slapped on some suds from a bucket. Finally, the damp dirt was wiped from several surfaces of your vehicle with window squeeges and soaking wet towels. Then a parent took your money and you drove away.

Given that they were in front of a McDonald’s, maybe they should have taken some of the proceeds and bought the kids some coffee. Minimally, none of the guys should give up on their plans for college, and those not destined to be desk jockeys should seriously consider joining state road crews.

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