Funding with Flapjacks

Well this morning brought the second big fundraiser, this time for swimming. They had cut a deal with a local restaurant to have a pancake breakfast. The kids all filled the roles of hosts/hostesses and wait staff, and they bussed tables. Amazingly, for an early Sunday morning event, there was much more energy coming from the teen staff than was shown at the afternoon car wash. This couldn’t possibly be because teenagers are naturally more bushy-tailed in the morning. Usually they are comatose at that hour. However, this was a combined girls/boys team fundraiser. One might suspect, if one were inclined to, that the presence of the opposite sex was the motivating factor missing at the car wash. Let’s face it, any teenager would go out of his/her way for the prospect of attracting the eye of the opposing gender. While that same teen in that same circumstance would barely grunt in the direction of an adult.

Ahhh… these are the days…

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