WARNING: Gays Are Destroying our Infrastructure

The 35W Bridge collapse in Minnesota was unarguably a horrible tragedy. A tragedy turned comedy by the indefatigable ability of our culture to overreact in hindsight. The deteriorating state of America’s infrastructure is hardly news to politicians or engineers, but suddenly it’s popular to care. This same sort of perverse closing the barn door after the horse is gone logic has us removing shoes at airports and viewing dusty envelopes with trepidation. Perhaps someday we’ll evolve beyond knee-jerk reactions fueled by 24-hour news coverage and actually make decisions based on sound reasoning and logic… yeah right… this is maybe the best evidence around that evolution is a farce. Perhaps the Intelligent Design crowd could use this line of reasoning.

If evolution actually worked, wouldn’t we have evolved to a point of not believing in silly things like Intelligent Design by now??

And speaking of evangelicals without the common sense of house plants, this comedy has now turned to farce. Reverend Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas (is there something in the water in Kansas?) have said they have plans to stage protests at funerals of victims of the 35W bridge collapse to state that God made the bridge fall because he hates America, and especially Minnesota, because of its tolerance of homosexuality.

Yes, that’s probably it. Global floods are soooo yesterday (unless you buy into the whole global warming thing). God is wiping the slate clean again, one bridge at a time. I suppose it’s a metaphorical message. We’ve been building bridges to the homosexual communities from mainstream America, and God has had enough of that. Those bridges will not stand. And God will continue to take out aging steel deck truss bridges through the divine power of rust until we, as a people, stand and drive the gays into the sea – which, might be noted, is a damn long walk from Minnesota.

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