Davy & Goliath

It’s hard to stand up to injustice. Especially when the offender is twice your size, literally. My young nephew, at 5 years of age has taken up the gauntlet as defender of justice and the American Way. Perhaps it’s his fascination with superheros that’s influencing his behavior. Maybe it’s just his nature. But it’s hard to discourage him.

My older son, at 14, was teasing a couple of the other kids (who were 11 and 12) by taking one of their toys and playing “keep away” with it. The three of them were chasing each other around the yard and through the house, and all were having a good time of it. However, to a 5 year old’s eyes, this was a crime in progress.

Awhile after the commotion had stopped and my older son was sitting on the porch with many of the adults, my nephew came out and sheepishly but confidently announced that he had to talk to my son. He proceeded to ask how my son would feel if someone took his remote control boat away and wouldn’t give it back. And then went on to explain how taking things from others without permission was not a nice thing to do and that he should ask first.

My son tried to offer that they were just playing a game, but basically he took his licks and let my nephew have his say. The young boy returned to the house, content that he had righted a wrong.

We all kind of smiled about it afterward. It was damned cute anyway you look at it. And the nuances of the distinction between the “Mom he took my toy!” episodes which flood his world and the fun of playing a chase game where at heart everyone knows it’s a game, are clearly beyond him just yet. However, he had clearly given the episode considerable thought. This was not a reaction to a situation, but a confrontation after the fact. That took guts, and I’m proud of him for that. Not enough people in this world are willing to confront injustice, and hopefully his basic instinct here won’t get lost as he matures.

However, I’m pretty sure if his Omnitrix had been working that he’d have much preferred to confront my son as Fourarms. But Grey Matter handled the job well, despite his size. Well done young Ben… well done.

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