News Feed Enabled

For any of you who would like to pick this blog up on your news readers, we are now Atom 1.0 enabled. IE7 and Firefox 2.0 both support this natively, and there are lots of third party readers out there as well. Most readers will handle Atom or RSS. If you really need an RSS 2.0 feed, just change “atom.xml” to “rss.xml” in the link. That should work. The tool generates both feeds, but Blogger only auto-generates the Atom tags/links on the page. Yes, yes… I know I could put the RSS links in manually, but I was kind of waiting to see if anyone couldn’t cope with Atom. So feel free to complain. I’m bound to get bored sometime next week.

To subscribe to blog entries, just click the “Atom” link at the top of the right-hand column next to “Posts”. Then do whatever you usually do to subscribe to feeds in whatever tool you use.

Enjoy! Let me know if anyone experiences a problem.

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