That’s a Lot of Cabbage!

I just returned from the annual gathering of the blog’s readership. My key readers assemble with their families to nosh on our favorite dlshes at the end of every November. We have turkey, stuffing, and assorted trimmings. And while we eat, we reflect on the blog entries we are most thankful for. It’s really nice of everyone to take the time out of their busy schedules for this.

The food was wonderful as usual. Any gathering where there are more pies than people is sure to be a good time.

And people were so kind to make a fuss over how good my cabbage salad was. I get the most kudos from the two women whose kitchens used to provide the sacred salad. A more cynical man might note that shredding a whole head of cabbage is a pain in the butt, so they might be grateful it’s someone else’s issue. But I’m not that man, ’cause I’d rather believe they just love it. Yeah, I’m going with that.

If you weren’t invited this year, just keep reading regularly, and maybe we’ll pick you up next year. But only if you make a decent pie… Or like to shred cabbage.

One thought on “That’s a Lot of Cabbage!

  1. Shredding a whole head of cabbage is a piece of cake with the shredding blade of my Binford 3550 power food processor…you did use a power tool for this chore, yes?

    I’ll have to remember to chat with some of the clan elder’s about their observations. The original group of cousins from my awareness all have children of their own. Some are essentially adults or very near that milestone.

    It’s enjoyable to get together and see all of the children growing up and developing, and this Blog is a part of this connection. Thanks for doing it.

    I know I’m not always cognizant that this also means myself and all my contemporaries are also effortlessly moving into middle age and beyond.

    It serves to remind me that life is for living and enjoying to the fullest as well as what a decent, supportive, and fun-loving group of people the family I married into is.



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