I’m sure you’ve always wondered (or maybe just fantasized) about which celebrity you looked most like. Well, in the process of researching face recognition software, I ran across My Heritage, a site that answers that question once and for all. Or maybe just stirs it up well. If you try it yourself, you’ll need to do a quick and free registration. Also note that it requires a close-up straight-on photo, and it doesn’t work too well with kids.

And since I’m sure you’re dying to know, this is how I fared. If nothing else, this may explain my fascination with the 1812 Overture and reruns of Who’s Line Is It Anyway. But Leonardo DiCaprio?? C’mon, I didn’t deserve that.

So for further testing I uploaded Kim. You should be so lucky to keep this kind of company. Although in honesty, the Glenn Close thing frightens me a bit.

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