Color Me Blue

There was a big family gathering over the weekend, which gave my boys a chance to bond with their younger cousins. My nephew Brian was paticularly absorbed with the older boys, and if the prospect of my kids as role models doesn’t frighten you enough, read what my sister sent along from the aftermath.

I have to tell you what Brian said last night. He was running around with a balloon from the party pretending it was a kite like the one Tyler and Doug were flying at the park. He stops, looks at me tells me that he is going to be Tyler. He takes off running and yells ” I just want to see this damn kite crash”. Then he stops and gives me this big grin and says ” I know I can’t say that Mom, but I’m Tyler right now”

You have to give the boy credit for thinking before he speaks. It was one of those moments where it was hard not to laugh.

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