Okay… cultural vent coming. The local newspaper has been running this near full page ad for Verizon for weeks now. It drives me nuts. It pictures 3 young girls at the beach lying on the sand. They are smiling, and packed shoulder to shoulder on a single blanket with a proximity which would make any guy desperately uncomfortable, but that’s not the point. The point is that they are ALL TALKING ON CELL PHONES. Granted, this is a cellular ad, but what is the cultural message here. That given the time to hang at the beach with your two best girlfriends, there is nothing to make the day complete like ignoring each other while talking to people who are somewhere else? I’m thinking this connectedness thing is going too far. Is it so weird to think you’d want to spend time with the people you are with? If not, why not go the beach (or wherever) alone? Geeze…

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