I’m anxious to see what the U.N. has to say to G.W. about the request he will likely make for international forces in Iraq. There’s no way Bush will take any sort of a concillitory position here. He will doubtless play this as a “concession” to “let the U.N. play a role”. However, everyone has to clearly recognize that this so-called concession is only coming about because the rebuilding of Iraq is more difficult and way more expensive than Bush and his cronies planned. Now they need help bailing our collective butt out of this quagmire. While it would be petty of the U.N. to thumb it’s nose and say they told us so, it would be stupid for them to just jump in and help. This is an opportunity for the U.N. to re-establish its credibility as a world political force. They should demand concessions from Bush as compensation for their support. This should include some level of control in Iraq. It’s not like Bush can claim his plan is working. The only plan faltering more is the Israeli-Palestinian road map. We started this, we have to take accountability for that. But a little humility on our part would go a long way toward re-establishing our credibility as well, and possibly getting us out of the hole we’re in.

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