Oh, for cryin’ in yer beer. Bush and Blair just did a joint news conference at The White House. Bush was asked point-blank if he took personal responsibility for the State of the Union statement on uranium. He danced like a Country Bear at Disney. He talked about how he took responsibility for the decision to go to war, etc. But he never even came close to addressing the direct question. Blair then took a shot, and at least had the courage to acknowledge the question. He did say that Brittain stood behind the evidence and that he still believed it to be credible. This despite solid evidence that the documents on which the claims were based have been acknowledged by the CIA to be forgeries. Blair at least admits that not finding the WMD is a possibility, although he still firmly believes. Bush won’t even concede the possibility that he was wrong. He is adament the weapons are there somewhere.

I beginning to think it’s all for the best if he continues to paint himself into that narrowing corner.

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