I’m fresh back from a weekend in Washington, D.C. While it would be nice to think I went because George had called me down to explain a coupla’ things, the truth is that this trip was a family reunion of sorts. It had some very touching moments, many fun ones, and a handful that were outright root-beer-coming-out-your-nose silly. Oh yeah, and there was the driving. I’ve been to the nation’s capital a number of times, but this was my first attempt to drive around it – “around it” being the operative phrase. Now at street level, Washington is a straightforward sort of a city. Lots of right angles, lots of blocks of buildings, no problems. This makes sense as these are the roads laid down in the 19th century when politicians said what they thought and were known as great thinkers and orators. You would expect something clear and concise from these fellows. The highways, added in the late 20th century, comprise the labyrinth from another dimension. Endless loops where you are teased with a glimpse of the building you are trying to reach, only to find you are now across the Potomac from it. Varying the pattern slightly, you make another pass – and find yourself in the Pentagon’s parking lot. What does that say about the people who built these roads? There were times I threatened to just get out and walk as it would be easier to get there. However, that would mean I needed to park first. The only thing harder than driving to something in Washington is parking when you get there.

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