Taking the Sheen off of Reagan

President Reagan
Who knew Reagan was a MaSheen?

I was reading a somewhat interesting article on my computer called “The Backfire Effect,” when my 16-year old son wandered into the room.  He did what he always does… made a lazy circle around behind me and perused whatever was on my screen.

It just so happened, I was far enough down the page that the picture of Reagan (shown to the right) was on the monitor.

It was at that moment I became comforted my boy had not fallen in with any Young Republican groups at school, nor had he been sneaking out at night to attend Tea Party rallies.

He looked at me and said, “Is that Charlie Sheen?”

And I have to admit, there is a resemblance.  Maybe that’s why Reagan has become a sacred idol of the Conservatives.  He’s got tiger blood too.