Guns and Tyranny

Disarm the NationIt’s rather naive to think fear of an armed citizenry is all that’s standing between democracy and tyranny. That is simply not the world we live in anymore.

Yet wall posts, like the one at the right, from the ironically named Facebook page Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, attempt to link gun control to the rise of a second Hitler. Never mind that the Europeans have had much stricter gun control laws during our lifetimes, and democracy hasn’t fallen there.

However, the gun control debate aside, the notion that in this modern world we live in, tyranny would come via militaristic control is a complete failure to understand our country, and moreover, the goals of those who would seek to control it.

Guns are messy solutions what with all the noise, and the bleeding, and the dying. Marketing is the key to power. You need to sell people on the idea they must give up their freedoms to ensure their safety, and even pay for the privilege. How much better is it when citizens willingly yield their power and their wealth as opposed to having to take it at gun point?

Consider that the people being whipped into a frenzy over the relationship between guns and tyranny are largely the same people who have been sold on the ideas:

  • There’s no reason to worry about the government monitoring you if you have nothing to hide.
  • Net Neutrality is anti-capitalist, and Internet censorship is essential to protect the children.
  • Torture is effective, and detainment without due process is warranted when our safety is at stake.
  • Additional funding for the largest military the world has ever known is essential.
  • Hobbling or dismantling social safety net and insurance programs is the key to prosperity.
  • Making the rich richer will ultimately benefit us all.
  • Government subsidies of exiting corporations like Hollywood, big oil, and pharmaceuticals is essential to the economy.
  • Government investment in new technology like green energy, genetic research, and other “disruptive” advancements is wasted money.
  • Government regulation should never impede profit.
  • Unionized workers are the reason manufacturing jobs went to China.

Desperate people are far more compliant and easy to control. If you are scared, broke, hungry, and/or sick, getting you to trade your long term interests for satisfaction of your short term needs becomes child’s play. Snake oil salesmen enrich themselves by playing on your fears, your needs, and your hopes. And you thank them for the privilege of buying into the illusion.

The snake oil salesman doesn’t care that you have a gun. In fact, he may be glad that you do. Because he knows he controls your mind. And won’t it be handy for him to have armed minions at his call when the rational people finally try to run him out of town?



8 thoughts on “Guns and Tyranny

  1. And if you let them think that by having a gun, they are somehow more free when your side has much bigger weapons, how much easier the control. The government doesn’t want/need their guns; it just needs to manufacture their consent.

  2. Nobody wishes to keep people from owning a gun. I do question the NRA, however. Their muscle is behind not preserving the second amendment, but rather supporting gun manufacturers – removing all barriers to gun ownership, regardless of the safety of our citizenry, so they can continue reaping keep obscene profits. Right Tim – altruistic safety should not impede corporate profit. buncha crap if you ask me.

  3. Can you tell me why you think gun owners are sold on the ideas you list? On some of these, the best I can come up with is, that they were stuff that George Bush did, and the right relected Bush in ’04 and the gun lobby is mostly right, so they must buy into what Bush did. What am I missing?

  4. I don’t think gun owners are sold on the listed ideas. I think people worried that tyranny is imminent if any new gun regulations are passed are largely also sold on those ideas.

    This is obviously a generalization and individuals may vary, but given the prevalence of talking heads spouting large subsets of the listed ideas on Fox News, Clear Channel radio, or at any given Tea Party rally, I stand by the list as directionally correct.

  5. Yes. But they are not mutually exclusive sets. I expect most of those connecting gun regulations with tyranny are also gun owners. But I also expect that there are very many gun owners that are not concerned about imminent tyranny.

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