This Camera Sucks!

While you were off at work, your Roomba got freaky with your video camera and now Samsung is selling their unnatural hybrid love-child.  The TangoView is a robotic vacuum cleaner with built in web-based remote control, video surveillance camera, and external lighting.

The  mechanical chimera prowls your house looking for dust, Cheerios, pet hair, and prowlers.  In the event it encounters an intruder the unit is able to helpfully illuminate the area being looted and then clean up after the thief.

Perhaps the only practical use for this odd amalgamation of tech is that you can now terrorize the cat from the comfort of your office.  This should provide a nice diversion from an otherwise grueling day of checking Facebook and updating your Twitter feed.

Don’t hesitate. Order yours today. For only $711 you can say to the world, “I make more money than I know what to do with!”

2 thoughts on “This Camera Sucks!

  1. It’s probably because quite a few people mod their roombas to put a web cam on ’em. It’s actually quite entertaining, believe it or not.

    And for those of us who don’t like to vacuum the basic roomba is a spiffy product and much better than no vacuuming at all!

    $711 DOES seem just a teensy bit steep, though…!

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