Tuba ToiletWho’s there? Tuba.  Tuba who? Tuba Toilet.

I’m posting this for Jennifer whose fascination with unique bathrooms and music may both be cured with a single picture.

Other possible captions include:

  • I’m guessing this is an instrument you always play solo.
  • Any way you play it, that’s some big-ass brass.
  • Not now honey, Daddy’s playing the bass.
  • Do you have to make Oom-Pah-Pahs Sweetie?
  • I’ll take “Things you can’t do with a Flute” for $400.

Feel free to add your own creatives in the comments.

One thought on “Knock-knock…

  1. Perhaps if you came in after after a previous user you could say, “Whoa! Oh my goodness, who made music in here?!?!?”

    or how about:

    A code name for it’s use could be : “Settling the score”

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