The Anti-Mikey

Mikey - Life Cereal's Poster Boy

For the second time in 24 hours, someone has offered me food from their freezer.  While perhaps a bit odd in its own right, it pales next to the common sales pitch offered for the edibles.  Both people were thinking that perhaps I’d eat it as no one who lived there would.  Yet they couldn’t see throwing perfectly good food away.

This says something about me.  But I’m thinking not something particularly good.  I’ve never really been a fussy eater, but somewhere along the line I became one notch up from the food disposal.  It seems there is a spectrum at which Life cereal’s Mikey is at one end, and I’m at the other.  He hates everything… me apparently… not so much.

I guess everybody needs to be known for something.  I just always imagined my legacy to be a wee bit more interesting.

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