A warrior’s phone

Klingon App
There's an app for that...

Kahless says that Palm’s WebOS is the phone of choice for true Klingon Warriors.  This is evidenced by the recent homebrew app that provides your Palm Pre or Pixi with a true Klingon font as well as a translator to help you write Hab SoSlI’ Quch! in response to your friend calling you a petaQ over SMS.

I’d install this myself, but alas I have no friends both geeky enough and cool enough to have this app and a WebOS phone. I guess that will save Kim some eye rolling though.

Besides, it would cut into my time playing Angry Birds which is surprisingly life consuming—if only because I’m hoping if I ever get to the end of the game, maybe it will tell me what those poor little green pigs ever did to piss off those birds!  They are after all, very very angry, to the point of being suicidal.  Although I guess maybe it’s homicide as you have to launch the birds.  But they volunteer for the duty so there’s still a high level of dysfunctional bird behavior to explain here.

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