A new day dawns

I’m starting off on a new writing adventure.  I’m now going to be writing as the Rochester Independent Political Examiner for the examiner.com news site.  Examiner is a news site in its own right, but more importantly is a feed site for many other news outlets and aggregators.  The hope is that this will expose me to a wider audience.  Not that I don’t love and value the audience I have… just think of it more like I’m out looking for new friends for you.

More importantly, this gives me a paid writing gig to put on my resume.  Not that I expect to make much money, just that I want to be able to claim I’m being paid.  Which brings me to another important point.  The pay and the rankings of the articles I write are heavily influenced by reader traffic and subscriptions.  So it would really help prime the pump if my readers here went and clicked around a bit there.

“But,” I can hear you asking, “where is there?”  Well, this is a link to my page at Examiner.  There is an RSS feed and lots of sharing options so if you’re of a mind to share article links or subscribe, all the better.  Fair warning though, I seeded the site with some of the posts already shared on this blog, so anything dated Aug 10th should be old news for you.

For your convenience going forward, links to my new Examiner posts will be pushed to my Twitter and Facebook feeds.  So if you’re following either of those now, you’ll be aware of new articles.  As for this blog, while most of the “Politics” category will now be published on Examiner, I will continue to post other content here that isn’t appropriate for that venue.

Finally, a plea about comments.  Facebook often generates the most comments on my posts.  I don’t want to discourage that, especially for comments with a personal slant.  But for topical comments, it would be great if you posted them directly to the Examiner articles.  I’m hopeful we’ll generate some good discussion over there, and I’d love you all to be a part of that.

I do want to thank those of you who have provided support and encouragement for my writing.  I’m not sure where this is going yet, and it’s just a baby step.  But it’s a start.

Stay tuned…

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  1. It was, but not anymore. They redesigned their website just after I started and I got FUBAR’d in the migration. They are working to fix it, so hopefully I’ll be live again there soon. I’ll post an update when it’s all working again.

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