I’m Thin! …or not

Neck MeasureThe journal Pediatrics announced (via CNN) that the BMI measurement is maybe not so accurate, and suggests you measure your neck instead.  Eh?

On the one hand, I thought this was great news as I’ve always found the BMI a bit depressing.  BMI calculators always peg me as just a couple of points into the “Overweight” category.  But like most men I’m able to rationalize my weight as being right where it should be.  Especially if I’m about to go out for chicken wings.  Further, the article says the trouble with BMI is, “it deems athletes or muscular people to be obese and underestimates body fat in older people.”  I’m not “older people” yet, so I must be athletic or muscular.  Cool.

And now this neck thing is poised to validate my svelte rationalization.  Let’s check the table:

Based on age, a neck of this circumference or larger could indicate overweight or obesity, researchers say:

Age 6: 11.2 inches
Age 10: 12.6 inches
Age: 14: 14.2 inches
Age 18: 15.4 inches
Age 6: 10.6 inches
Age 10: 12 inches
Age 14: 12.6 inches
Age 18: 13.6 inches

Source: Pediatrics

Okay, so I dig out a tape and measure my neck and… crap!  I’m a solid half-inch overweight.  ARRRGHHHH!!!  Oh wait… muscular people have bigger necks.  That must be it.  Yes, I just have a sinewy neck.  Of course.  Well now that I’ve got that all worked out, maybe I should fire up the grill and make a double bacon cheeseburger.  Yum!

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