Whack the Toad

Cane ToadSounds like a new pop music group, or maybe a a euphemism for… oh well, just use your imagination. But no, instead it’s a vacation plan! Guess where we’re going this year kids?

Australia is over run with cane toads, and their mitigation strategy is to have tourists pay to come and scour the outback with cricket bats, making toad mash of the critters.  Ewww. What fun!

Apparently the toads were intentionally introduced to the continent in an attempt to control cane beetles.  Now the toads and the beetles are both thriving nicely, but wreaking havoc on the environment as there are no natural predators… except you.  Only you can prevent cane toads.

Everybody goes to Six Flags for vacation.  Give your kid something interesting to talk about at school in the fall.  There’s nothing like the feeling of toad-flesh under your boot heel.  The fresh squish of success.  The down under version of Shock and Awwww.

Make your plans today!

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