Sports Bling

HeadsetsAs Kim pointed out recently, she’s turned me into a temporary sports fan of sorts.  With Game 7 of the NBA finals on tonight, I think I should be all set until next year.  And then I’ll only be resurrected if the Celtics make the playoffs.  But before I depart my fleeting fandom, I have a question that’s been gnawing at me.  Okay, maybe not “gnawing” exactly, but it does cross my mind now and again while watching the games.

Why do sportscasters wear those big honkin’ headsets?  And they not only wear them during the game, but while on the set for the halftime show.  Is this some sort of fashion statement?  I mean sure, the crowds are loud and they need to be able to get noise cancellation as well as a clear audio signal from the control booth.  EarwigBut don’t musicians face a similar problem?  And they get by with those cute little earwigs.

And yes, they need a good microphone to capture their snappy commentary while still allowing them to jump out of their seats, but again, didn’t Garth Brooks solve that problem 20 years ago?Garth

The football coaches and sportscasters wear even bigger units, but I always assumed that was in part just to keep their ears warm while playing in Green Bay.  I don’t think the Staples Center has that issue.

If someone might enlighten me, then I can go back to ignoring ESPN in peace.

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